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Useful infos

How to come:

  • Adress / Map: Parc départemental du Plateau, Rue du Marché Rollay, 94500 Champigny sur Marne, France
  • Phone : +33 (0)1 48 81 56 40 (guards office, from 8-10h to 20h)

  • Public transports: 40 minutes from Paris: RER A « Champigny » , plus bus 306 (Parc du Plateau)
  • Wheater forecast (free one week forecast, financed by your google adds clics, don't forget it if you use it),
  • Important details:
    • 4m high coping, 55m of continuous coping (including the ending half bowl), 2.5 m wide canyon, 6m high lauching ramp: don't forget your crash pads/helmet!!!
    • the upper layer is skatelite, smooth hard and grippy!!!
    • take care of the wind (East-West orientation of the ramp main axis),
    • don't forget cleaning tools for removing dew, water, pieces of rock, ....
    • In winter, dew can fall down at 5pm in few minutes.
    • Bellow 10°c, the ramp needs 2 days to dry, beyond 10°C 1 day or few hours if the wind/sun is present!!!!
    • the ramp is surrounded by a 3m wall and the closing hours are strict. As they change from time to time please call the guards office:
      • typical winter hours: 13h-16h30 (no light btw)
      • typical spring-summer-autumn hours: 14h-20h
    • public toilets/water at the gards office (no food shop closeby)
    • Taig Kris or Marc Haziza are sometime training there.....

Other infos:

  • Practical infos and events organized by the City/region (from Nico, official manager since 2006, the website seems to have troubles)
  • Emergency Samu : 15
  • Firemen : 18 or 112
  • Police : 17

List of skateparks :

Ramps close to Champigny:
  • Chevilly la Rue, outdoor, public, 2 wide 1.8m ramps in spine with a nice coping,
  • Massy, outdoor, public, 2.3m ramp.
  • Bry sur Marne, outdoor, public, 2 ramps in spine (2.3m).
Ramps in France:
  • Zumiez, Impact skatepark, indoor, nice verts (3.5m, roof not so high), Vlamingstraat 6
    B 8560 Wevelgem, +32 (0)56 32 69 02, fax: + 32 (0)56 42 71 36,
  • Sint Niklaas, indoor, nice verts (3.5m), Lindestraat 46B, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium, +32(0)3 776 46 96,

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